Smile International:- Manufacturers and Exporters of Farrier Tools, Hoof Nippers, Pull Off, Clinchers, Nail Pullers, Nail Nippers, Hoof Testers, Shoe Spreads, Farrier Tongs, Buffers, Mouth Gags, Hoof Gauge, Veterinary Instruments, Rasp, Bits, Spurs, Stirrups, Hoof Knife, Saddles, Riding Gloves, Leather Chaps, Saddle Pads...
Hoof Nipper 15"
Pull Off 14"
Nail Puller
Hoof Tester 19"
Adjustable Hoof Tester 15"
Fire Tong 16"
Forging Hammer
Shoe Spreaders
Curved Jaws Clinchers
Clinchers 13"
Nail Cutter
Hoof Nipper 12"
Hoof Nipper 14"
Item Code #: SI-786
Item Code #: SI-886
Item Code #: SI-986
Item Code #: SI-1386
Item Code #: SI-1389
Item Code #: SI-1486
Item Code #: SI-1686
Item Code #: SI-1286
Item Code #: SI-1186
Item Code #: SI-1189
Item Code #: SI-1086
Item Code #: SI-790
Item Code #: SI-788
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    About Smile Int'l
Smile International is a Manufacturers & Exporters of Equestrian products, Farrier Tools, and Veterinary Instruments.
It’s a great deal of effort to gain our....
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